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Educational Opportunity

Posted about 3 years ago

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Educational Opportunity!

We have a student who is seeking your help in exchange for providing an educational opportunity regarding vaccines to all.

John Derfelt is a DNP student who is working on his scholarly project through Pittsburg State University. The project is entitled, "A STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF PEDIATRIC VACCINE EDUCATION ON IMMUNIZATION KNOWLEDGE AND COMFORT FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS AND CLINIC STAFF". 

He is specifically seeking Family Medicine and Pediatric Clinic staff to participate. Included is an educational booklet with a 20 question pre- and post-test. 

 The request is for completion of surveys by July 15 (despite the consent letter stating a different date) and seeking a total of 50 participants. Attached, please find an electronic version or send a personal message to if interested and willing to complete the hardcopy. 

If you choose to complete the online version, please click on the pre-test link first and take the test, then review the educational brochure/booklet, then take the post-test.

Thank you for your participation!

John (Matt) Derfelt

The pretest:

The posttest: