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Advanced Practice Nurses of the Ozarks (APNO)

2019 APNO Board

Posted 13 days ago by Teresa Casey

Thank you to all who participated in the elections.

Here is theĀ 2019 APNO Executive Board:

President: Sara McCalley

Vice President: Elicia Sutton

Treasurer: Carrie Lucas

Co-treasurer: Maranda Vincent

Secretary: Cindy Hollis-Keene

Membership/Networking Manager: Amber Peters

Conference Committee Chair: Alexa Martin

Conference Committee Co-chair: Laci Donnelly

Primary Nurse Planner: Gaylene Chapman

Congratulations Maranda, Alexa, Elicia and Amber!

Thank you to all the board members for a great year and term as President. I hope 2019 brings fabulous networking opportunities and great success for the annual conference!

Teresa Casey, FNP-BC