Advanced Practice Nurses of the Ozarks (APNO)

October 2018 Proposed Bylaws

Posted over 1 year ago by Teresa Casey

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Dear Members,

Please review the attached document for proposed changes to the bylaws. Some additions you will notice: a new co-treasurer position, protection of payment information and a schedule for officer elections. Two committees have been deleted: Membership/Networking and Continuing Education Programs. Utilizing the ENP network has automated the membership process and a committee is no longer required to manage this aspect. The Membership/Network manager will manage the duties of the old committee and seek assistance from the Board Members as indicated. The Primary Nurse Planner assumed the roles of the Continuing Education Committee, eliminating the need for this committee. Do not confuse this with the Confernece Committee, it is still intact and led by the Conference Committee Chair. 

While the duties for the treasurer have been streamlined, thanks to Michelle Dickens and Terry Sonderman, the Board feels it is necessary to have a Co-Treasurer. The Treasurer and Co-Treasurer will work together to review all payment transactions. The Treasurer will mentor the Co-Treasurer for one year, at which time, the Co-Treasurer will assume the role as Treasurer. This is the current process for President Elect and President. 

Lastly, all of the officer terms have been set at 2 years. There are no term limits currently. 

The vote to accept or not accept the proposed bylaw changes will occur on November 12, 2018. Please be watching for an email at that time.

Thank you,

Teresa Casey, FNP-BC