Advanced Practice Nurses of the Ozarks (APNO)
Heather F.

Heather F.
RN, CPN, CCRN, FNP Student



Family, Pediatric

Clinical Subspecialties


About the preceptor Heather is looking for:

Located near UT.

I am in need of Primary care or similar settings. I am seeking clinical placement for 3/13/23-4/28/23; 5/1/23-6/16/23; and 6/19/23-7/3/23. I am in need of 125 clinical hours during each of these clinical rotations.

I have a nursing background in Pediatric ICU, NICU, and Pediatric Neurology. I love to learn. I am a certified pediatric nurse and also a certified critical care nurse with a specialty in pediatrics. I am less experienced with the adult patient population and would love an opportunity to learn more about this population. If you are able to assist me with any of these clinical rotations, I would be extremely grateful.